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You wanted it to be picture perfect.

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Happy Birthday to our twin princes
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Anonymous said:
/post/83610968796/reflection that's not youngkwang it's just youngmin twice btw :)

wait what?!

edit: fuck you’re right…damn it, I wasn’t really paying attention to it and I was thinking “wow they look so alike here”. lol

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Pride of Boyfriend; Happy 20th Birthday to the twins, Youngmin & Kwangmin. 
´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Anonymous said:
photoscape anon here~ when i try to crop pictures in the batch editor, it only crops directly in the center, rather than giving me options of left/top/etc like it does in the gif. am i missing something or is that the only way you can crop it?

that’s sadly the only thing you can’t change in photoscape, it always crops directly in the centre, there’s no left/top/etc. However, you can always find a way around it! you could crop each frame individually for example. or make two gifs and edit them together etc.

Or when you’re taking the screencaps, you can make sure to get the right size in advance (that depends on your program though and I’ve never tried it tbh). 

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